This area will be mostly about the writing, but one key point I should make now; the writing is never done until the Poinkcast is finished, edited and ready for release. I'll expand on that as we go.

All of it begins with an idea. I could be out driving and see something, read something that gets my mind going, or wake up in the middle of the night with one, but they usually start with one thought that I'll elaborate on. One tip I've found invaluable though; purchase a small, cheap voice recorder. You never know where or when an idea will come, but with everything you deal with on a day to day basis, you can have a really great idea and forget it at the next traffic light. Don't worry about sound quality or memory or Stereo or any bells and whistles; all you want is a pocket memo taker. I got mine in a Pawn Shop for 10.00.

For my first draft; I'll sit down, take the original idea, and just write whatever comes to mind about it. Since I'm doing it on my computer I have net access as well, so I'll also run searches in the background researching this or that; which gives me more material to play with. At this point, I’m not worried about story length or flow or even grammer; I just want to get the original thought and whatever else comes to mind on paper. In my case, if I can come up with a complete writeup with intro, middle and end, then it's a piece to work on and expand, but if I hit a wall at this point and it takes more then 5 minutes to blow past it, I just save whatever I've written to look at another day; maybe the vibe just isn’t there right now; but later it may come to me and expand itself. I've had a few of those. Once the first draft is done, then I work on the second.

For the second draft, I may work on it immediately because I'm still feeling the vibe, or I may wait till the evening and work on it then, possibly with a nice adult beverage, but the main feel for the second draft I want is to be relaxed so I can concentrate on the nuances. I also put on my headphones at this time and listen to music. For my standup, I use audience reaction to time things and pace the material, but for the PoinkCast; I use music since no one's going to listen till they download it. For me, this helps keep the recording tight and moving along, and gives the listener something to keep time with as well. For the music I normally have an idea what music I want to use while writing the second draft; it can be a song a lot of people know with a title or theme that loosly ties in to the material, or some piece that just emotionally connects for me to the spirit of the story. As far as what music I use anything goes; but above all I try to shoot for something with no vocals or as little as possible. Despite what you read online; I have yet to find any process that will decently remove vocals ; and a song with a lot of vocals can get really confusing when listening back to it. Also for the second draft, I’m tightening things up; I like the humor to be quick and punchy, and unless there's a line I feel really good about, I keep setup and explanation to a minimum, and try to have a punch line every second or third line at the least. There might be an idea that I think is really funny, but I've found if you have to spend a lot of time explaining it, then it loses humor and kills the flow. Once this is done, then I send it out to a small group of people who I trust to read it and give me an honest opinion as to whether it's funny, confusing, or complete shit. This is when I'll get corrections and ideas that I'll use in the final draft. Yes, I know I said that the writing part doesn't stop; I'll explain as we go, but for the most part, the bulk of the writing is now done. The only other suggestion I have here is, when all is said and done, the entire file should never be over 5 minutes; unless the material is pretty damn funny, after 5 minutes you're going to tire of the subject, and so is the listener in most cases. I try to keep in the 3.5 to 4 minute mark.

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