After the screed I posted on the main page you really want more?? Don't be so greedy! Besides, shouldn't you be getting my watchers and followers and ratings up on YouTube, ITunes, Twitter and FA so I can get closer to my dream of ruling the world? Stop slacking off! I will try to keep things updated a bit more frequently from here on out though.


Well, lets see....I played Anthrocon, I played Megaplex, and I went to jail. Might have helped if I posted all the other stuff BEFORE it happened, huh??:)

Posting something new for me. If you look on the Special Directory Page, You'll see this week's Podcast listed as uncut. Well, this one is about a minute longer; see, there is an extra part to it that I didn't want to keep since it pushed the length of the podcast over 5 minutes, which I try not to do. But didn't want to delete it either, so here it is for your perusal.

I've posted my very first stand-up video on the Podcast Special Directory page. Let me know what you think!

I've hidden something on the website. Well, I didn't hide it all that well, but it ain't on this page

Well, I've gotten the webpage up and running, with Erika constantly fixing where I screw it up. I'm sure folks have heard I finally have a new job, with decent hours and pay. Funny, how that can change your feeling from, Oh God, I'm an unemployed bum, to Oh, God, I only have one week of freedom left!

And as promised, I have written a Basic How-To Guide to the Poinkcast here.

Also, while looking through my hard drive, I found some great porn. I also found a video Rasvar and I filmed for the show. I'm going to file things like this in the PoinkCast Special area, but here is a direct link.

Coke Blow


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